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NECS Free Print Cybersecurity Audit

Take a Proactive Approach to Print Cybersecurity

Fighting back against cybercrime can feel a lot like teetering dangerously along a tightrope. One misstep can mean your whole organization comes crumbling down.

Organizations everywhere are facing major challenges when it comes to stopping cybercriminals. Small businesses and those with valuable private data such as schools, healthcare providers, and government organizations are all at a much higher risk of facing cyberattacks.

There are concerning statistics being released showing that cybercrime is just as vicious as ever in recent years:

  • One report found that as many as 43% of data breaches involve small business victims (Business News Daily).
  • Another statistic showed that over 1,436 schools and colleges were affected by ransomware attacks in 2022 (Comparitech).

No one, it seems, is safe from the viciousness of cybercrime. So, what can be done? The first step is to know your vulnerabilities and then lock down all potential areas of access for cybercriminals. That includes your printers.

NECS Free Print Cybersecurity Audit

Up Your Cybersecurity Game with a Free Print Security Audit!

To keep our clients safe, NECS is currently offering a free print security audit of a regularly priced $500 value. Fill out our online form today to sign up for your free print security audit.

Sign Up for a Free Audit Now!

When Creating a Cybersecurity Plan, Don’t Forget About Your Printers

One of the most overlooked areas of any organization’s network of devices is their printer. Oftentimes, people forget that printers are no different than the other technology they use daily. Just like your computers, tablets, and phones, printers can access the internet, connect to the cloud, and link up with other devices in the office.

"Okay, sure…but it’s just a printer. No cybercriminal would target that, right?”

Wrong. In fact, cybercriminals know all too well that printers are forgotten about when it comes time for companies to analyze their security measures. This is so often a gaping hole for organizations’ otherwise foolproof security plans. That’s why NECS has come up with a solution. Right now, we're running a special promotion where we're offering our clients a free print security audit.

Our audit will show you the current vulnerabilities in your system, from pointing out and offering upgrade suggestions on outdated technology to helping you implement stronger print security practices. This will better prepare you to combat cybercrime and defend your data. This deal is on for a limited time, so be sure to fill out the form below to sign up before it's too late!