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New HP LaserJet Managed MFP E700/E800 Series

Next-Generation Flow Technology is Here!

If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your MFPs, now is the perfect time! HP’s latest LaserJet printers, the E700 and E800 series, are here to support your team.

As a trusted household name, HP knows how to deliver quality products. Their latest series of printers is no exception. Their fast, smart, and secure technology is built with open and fluid workplaces in mind.

Connect with your team and foster a collaborative environment when you upgrade your MFPs to an E700 or E800. As more teams adapt to a hybrid work model, your devices will need an upgrade to keep you all connected. With the latest in cloud connectivity, the E700 and E800 MFPs will help your team work together wherever they are.

New Printers Connect Teams

Teams are growing and changing, with more businesses fostering flexible work environments. With the new landscape of the office world, it’s time to support your efforts with the right technology.

Upgrade to an E700 or E800 and get:

  • Secure printer protection with HP Wolf Security.
  • Fast duplex scanning.
  • Customized digital editing of scanned documents.
  • 10.1 inch color touchscreen.
  • Edit/personalize copied documents on display screen.

Keep Up to Date with an E700 MFP:

Get consistent, intuitive technology when you choose an HP E700 MFP. Each printer comes with HP FutureSmart firmware, which ensures your team will never fall behind on the latest features in print technology.

HP FutureSmart Lets You:

  • Upgrade your fleet for years to come.
  • Get the latest digital features without having to buy a new device.
  • Create better content with easy-to-install updates.

Our Featured E700 MFP:

Improve your office’s workflow with the HP E731z. The E731z’s HP FutureSmart firmware will transform your printer alongside your growing business. Get frequent updates that will boost productivity and maintain security. Keep your office connected with the E731z, which is compatible with Windows, Android, Mac, and IOS.

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E800 MFPs Minimize Errors:

HP’s E800 series printers have innovative Reverse and Retry technology, which will reduce multi-feed errors, paper jams, and frustration. Choose an HP E800 MFP and decrease your team’s stress.

Reverse and Retry Technology Will:

  • Automatically detect and resolve multi-feed errors.
  • Increase productivity by reducing jams.
  • Minimize your team’s frustrations.
  • Maximize your paper output.

Our Featured E800 MFP:

Instill confidence in your team with HP’s E877z. With its trusty Reverse and Retry technology, you’ll cut down significantly on downtime and improve your office’s print processes. Stay connected wherever you work and on any device with the E877z, which is compatible with Windows, Android, Mac, and IOS.

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Revitalize Your Office With Your Brand’s Color:

Make a bold visual statement with one of six colorful, easy-to-install panels for your new MFP. Match your branding and bring together the flow of your office with the right device.

Connect Today to Upgrade:

The new HP E700 and E800 series of LaserJet MFPs are the future of office printing. You get the right tools for your team with customized cloud-connected solutions, smarter scanning, and faster printing.

Our team at NECS is prepared to match you with the right device. Work smarter with the new generation of Flow technology. Let’s get you working smarter today!

Are you ready to upgrade? Contact us to speak with one of our representatives.

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