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Unlock the Power of Intelligent Data Management with Scan-Optics

Introducing Our Partner: Scan-Optics

Empowering Intelligent Data Management Solutions

Unleashing Human Potential:

In a world driven by constant technological advancements and transformations, we understand that your people are the beating heart of your success. We believe, along with our partner, Scan-Optics, that human performance is the key to organizational viability and growth.

Scan-Optics is not just a solution; it's a catalyst for your team to work smarter and achieve unparalleled results.

Why Choose NECS & Scan-Optics for Your Digital Transformation?

Scan-Optics' Intelligent Data Management Solutions are designed to empower organizations across various sectors. Whether you're in education, finance, law, insurance, or healthcare, NECS and Scan-Optics can be your strategic partners for navigating the challenges unique to your industry.

With Scan-Optics, You'll Be Able To:

  • Eliminate paper files and filing cabinets
  • Recover or eliminate physical space needed to house or store paper files
  • Instantly gain access to documents, from anywhere
  • Backup your files and increase your security
  • Provide/restrict access as necessary

Digitizing your files will free up space in your office, increase productivity, and encourage secure and sustainable practices in the workplace.

Learn more about how Scan-Optics works here.

ScanOptics intelligent data management and digital transformation

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Tailored Solutions for Every Industry:


In the dynamic world of education, Scan-Optics streamlines data management, allowing educational institutions to focus on what they do best—nurturing future leaders. From student records to administrative processes, Scan-Optics has solutions that simplify, organize, and enhance efficiency.


Navigate the intricate landscape of finance with ease. Scan-Optics optimizes data processes, ensuring compliance and security, so financial institutions can focus on strategic decisions and client relationships.


In the legal arena, where information accuracy and speed are critical, Scan-Optics offers tailored solutions to manage vast volumes of legal documentation efficiently. Maximize productivity and minimize risk with Scan-Optics' intelligent data management systems.


For the insurance sector, where data accuracy is paramount, Scan-Optics ensures seamless claims processing, risk assessment, and compliance. Elevate your operational efficiency and deliver exceptional customer service.

How NECS & Scan-Optics Will Address Your Pain Points:

Increased Efficiency: Streamline your processes and reduce operational bottlenecks.

Enhanced Accuracy: Minimize errors and ensure data integrity.

Regulatory Compliance: Stay ahead of industry regulations with secure and compliant solutions.


In the healthcare industry, where precision and speed are a matter of life and death, Scan-Optics revolutionizes data management. From patient records to administrative tasks, Scan-Optics' solutions empower healthcare professionals to focus on patient care.

How This Secure Document Capture & Processing Solution Works:

  1. Scanning (Pick up, prep, scan, quality check, storage)
  2. Data Capture (Using specific data capture technology, important data such as invoice numbers, dates, and names will be collected from your documents)
  3. AI Validation (All data will be read, understood, and acted on as needed)
  4. Data Analysis, Review & Routing (All data will get to where it needs to go)
  5. System Integration (All data and documents will be securely stored in a way that works for you)
  6. Use & Access (Your data will be categorized and ready for you–it'll be easy to read, consistent, and securely stored)

Transform Your Organization with NECS & Scan-Optics

Experience the power of intelligent data management. Join countless organizations across education, finance, law, insurance, and healthcare sectors who have transformed their operations with NECS and Scan-Optics.

Unlock the potential of your people. Contact us today to embark on a journey of efficiency, accuracy, and growth with NECS and our partner, Scan-Optics.

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