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Scan-Optics Keeps Government Data Safe

Get the most out of your ARPA funding with Scan-Optics.

Why Digital Document Storage Matters

For optimized working, space saving, and efficiency your government organization should invest in an effective digital document system. Instead of slogging through a mess of papers, Scan-Optics software gives users quick access to any file they’re looking for.

Government agencies deal with sensitive data on a daily basis, and the last thing anyone wants is for that data to be lost or ruined. Scan-Optics protects information by uploading it to a secure digital database.

We at NECS offer Scan-Optics to our clients because we understand how revolutionary changing to digital document storage is. Tasks are completed in optimal time when every file can be found at your fingertips.

Team collaboration, hybrid working, and everyday office assignments are made easier with Scan-Optics.

The Software

Scan-Optics is a digital document software that converts paper documents to digital files. All your files are then readily accessible for use by authorized personnel in your team. This system can easily integrate with your current document management system or act as a complete solution for your organization.

Changing over to a paperless system is a monumental task that requires precision and care. Scan-Optics knows how important it is for government agencies to have quick turnaround times so that they can continue doing their work, which is crucial to our country.

To make for an easy transition, documents are processed in the system and indexed with automated compliance settings. This system helps governments streamline information management and securely organize files in an orderly fashion.

Scan-Optics reduces document processing time by 70% by:

  • Decreasing manual data entry
  • Offering data protection
  • Decreasing response time
  • And decreasing legal decision-making process time.

In as little as two hours, your organization's data can be ready for use. Categorized data is uploaded to your system and navigation is made simple. All your documents are made readable, consistent, and secure.

These optimized documents encourage collaboration, as documents can now be securely accessed by all members of your team from wherever they are.

Why Digitize?

With digital documents, you never need to worry about losing or organizing documents again. Filing cabinets are bulky and take up precious office space that could be better used for team work stations. Digital documentation eliminates the need for cumbersome storage.

What’s more, converting documents to digital files eliminates waste, improving your office’s sustainability.

Digitization also keeps data safe in more ways than one!

Paper files can:

  • Be lost in the office shuffle.
  • Experience water or fire damage.
  • Wear out with time.

To ensure you get the most use out of your data, Scan-Optics’ digital files are optimized for easier reading and you never have to worry about experiencing damages as you would with paper files.

Uploading files to Scan-Optics’s software improves employees’ ability to focus on higher-value tasks that help boost productivity and feelings of accomplishment by automating otherwise time-consuming, error-prone, and mundane tasks that bog down the work day.

Converting files to digital also means improving statutory compliance rates to legislative mandates such as the DATA Act and the Affordable Care Act.

Application of Digital Documents in Government Organizations

  • ID Verification
  • Audits
  • Archive Long-Term Documents
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Case Management
  • and more!

Recent changes to the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) support upgrades in technology that encourage improved data security for government organizations. It’s time to make changes and to protect your sensitive data from potential threats.

Digitization is a task that requires precision and care. We have the expert means to ease your transition to a digital workspace.

Contact NECS today to learn more about how Scan-Optics is right for you.

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