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Find the Right Print Management Solution for Your Team

PaperCut Print Management Software

Looking for a software that will accurately track print jobs and streamline the organization of best print practices? Then you should try PaperCut! Their print management software is built with the unique needs of data-dependent industries in mind.

PaperCut helps manage complex printing for teams working in the healthcare, legal, educational, and government sectors. Their software is secure, cost-effective, and rich with supportive features.

With PaperCut your team can implement flexible policies that encourage environment-conscious printing, such as duplexing, black and white printing, and efficient management of large prints. All features come with PaperCut and are made ready-to-use! These options, and more, cut down on unnecessary waste in the workplace and promote sustainability.

uniFLOW Print Management Software

uniFLOW is a dynamic management software that supports office print infrastructure. Users get detailed reports tracking their print and MFP costs. See printing based on department and user to get an accurate snapshot of how your team is working. With these reports, you can appropriately allocate costs to support upcoming projects.

With uniFLOW, your team can also send documents from their mobile device to office printers without worrying about cyberattacks. Documents are safely sent to the printer, where they wait in the queue until the user can release it.

Get help with everything from tracking use, secure printing, and budgeting when you choose uniFLOW!

Why Choose PaperCut?

PaperCut comes equipped with all the right features your team needs! Many organizations are now focusing efforts on sustainable practices, especially when it comes to excessive sheet waste. PaperCut outlines where your team could most save on printing costs.

PaperCut comes with several useful solutions, including:

  • Built-in Reports
  • Mobility Print
  • Scan to Cloud Storage
  • Google Integration
  • Billing Integration

Save money on print supplies, cut down on waste, and get the most out of your printing with PaperCut!

Why Choose uniFLOW?

For accurate print management, your leaders need reports outlining how much and how often your team prints. Only then can your team achieve their potential for maximum productivity. Luckily, uniFLOW can easily help.

uniFLOW will support your team by:

  • Saving you money by cutting out excess waste.
  • Better integrating your print, scanning, and device management.
  • Unifying printing for a mixed print fleet.
  • Offering you valuable insight into your team’s print habits.

Optimize your workflow with uniFLOW today!

Want to learn more about PaperCut or uniFLOW? Our team can help you pick the right solution.

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