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PaperCut Solutions for Local Government Organizations

PaperCut Designed Advanced Solutions With Your Complex Print Environments In Mind

PaperCut's print management software will make your processes more efficient which will save you valuable time. It will also save you money with all-inclusive functionality and help you to create a more flexible print environment that grows and changes with you. Another great benefit of this software is being able to feel confident knowing that your vulnerable data remains confidential with secure printing.

We understand the challenges you face. Limited budget, time, and resources, slow printing processes, and worrying about confidential information. Our guess is that the following frustrations sound a little too familiar...

  1. Continuous (and mysterious) increase in print costs.
  2. Having specialty print needs like pamphlets and brochures.
  3. Worrying about confidential documents before, during, and after printing.
  4. Too much time is being spent on managing a variety of office printers and user devices.
  5. Dealing with members of the public who need to print, copy and scan quickly and efficiently.

If you COULD relate to any of the above frustrations, PaperCut just might be the perfect solution for you. Here's how it can help.

Save time and resources with streamlined processes

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Increased Data Protection

You need to ensure that confidential information is kept secure throughout its entire lifecycle in order to stay compliant with regulations like GDPR. Luckily, with PaperCut, all documents will be protected in-transit (from device to server and server to printer). The Secure Print Release functionality requires users to authenticate at the device which will also ensure that documents never get in the wrong hands. Furthermore, watermarks and digital signatures can be added to increase accountability and activate print archiving.

Finally! Print Management That Grows WITH You

PaperCut takes a "cross-platform" approach, which means that your print environment will be ready to adapt and grow as you do. And, if you have any special printing requirements, the Print Room tool makes otherwise complex jobs, simple. Digitizing your documents will be a piece of cake, too with Integrated Scanning and OCR that creates searchable files.

Streamlined Processes

Printing is easier for everyone with web and email-to-print options. Staff can even migrate between departments and sites and access off-network printing when needed. And with Find-Me Printing, all print queues can be found in one destination. This means that users only have one queue to choose from and IT staff only have one queue to manage (now THAT'S how you save time!).

Do More With Less

You can save money AND the planet with PaperCut's solutions. The flexible policies encourage duplex and black and white printing and larger jobs can be sent to the most efficient printers. Quotas can also be implemented in different departments to restrict overuse. All features come out-of-the-box with PaperCut, which means you can use what you need and you won't have to pay for all the extras.

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