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Office Solutions for Your College or Private School and the Benefits of MPS

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Office Solutions for Your College or Private School and the Benefits of MPS

September 30, 2021  |  NECS

Higher educational colleges and private schools are busy places. With so many faculties and classes under one institution, every day is exciting, but it can also be overwhelming for administrative and IT staff to manage all of their print needs. They rely on business partners to help ensure they have the right equipment and solutions to keep their institution running efficiently. NECS understands this and is ready for your next RFP or is here to support you with your MPS needs.

Finding the Right Partner for Your RFP

RFPs are important for institutions to ensure they find the right partner who has the expertise to deliver the best solutions for their needs. There are multiple strategies to purchasing equipment, developing better workflows, and saving money on supplies. It's therefore crucial to find someone who has a lot of experience in the industry and can manage the necessary scope of work for your RFP.


What to Expect From Working with NECS

NECS has been providing office technology solutions for over 50 years. We have the product knowledge and capacity to handle your RFPs and are excited for the opportunity to work with your institution. Our experience in the industry and strong multi-brand partnerships will allow us to create a customized solution for you.

Get the Right Print Hardware & Supplies 

There are many different types of printers and copiers, and they all have various features and required supplies. Purchasing the right machine for your institution can be daunting and time-consuming. Having a trusted partner who has the product knowledge and can guide you in these decisions can save you money and time. At NECS, we have developed a detailed qualification process to define the right solutions for all our customers. This will ensure you get the right size, output, and features that will meet your institution's unique needs. We also carry state-of-the-art technologies and products from our industry-leading partners like HP and Canon that consistently deliver quality and cost-effective solutions.     

Expert Advice & Consulting 

We are here to solve your problems by offering long term solutions rather than just “selling” you products. We are passionate about print, and are your copy specialists who have the knowledge to find the right equipment and services to help you carry out tasks more efficiently. We will work with you, and ask the right questions to find you the products and services you actually need. As part of our processes we look at your workflows and get a full understanding of your operations to determine what products and supplies your institution requires and which services can help streamline your paper workflow.   

Reliable Service

Get the level of service you deserve. NECS makes customer service a priority and is here to help you even after you make your purchase. We offer support programs and have skilled technicians available to answer your service calls. You can even get remote support with our Iron Eagle Support program where technicians can walk through technical issues over the phone which will save you time. We know equipment downtime can interfere with your work day and our support services can prevent issues before they happen and get you the help you need quickly. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your equipment functions the way it was designed to do.


How MPS Can Benefit Your Institution

Educational institutions are one of the best candidates for managed print services (MPS). With so many documents being printed every day within various faculties and student activities, it is difficult to keep track of print supplies. Let alone trying to determine ways to keep the costs low for your print environment across such a large institution. However, with the right MPS strategies, institutions can benefit from having automated solutions to help you manage your inventory and optimize your print fleet needs.

 using mobile connectivity from mps

At NECS you get access to MPS solutions such as: 

  • Predictive Analytics
  • Cloud-Based Solutions
  • Simplified Delivery
  • Exclusive Web-Based Portal and Mobile Applications 


These benefits can help you to automate your supplies replenishment so you never run out. This saves you and your team time because you don't need to take inventory of your supplies. It also predicts when you will need supplies based on analytics so you don’t over or under order so you can utilize your budgets better. It further ensures your supplies will be delivered to the correct printer. This is especially important for institutions with multiple printers. Finally, you can connect your MPS management tool to your mobile devices so you have 24/7 access to crucial information on supplies and shipments. 


At NECS, we have experience satisfying the print, scan, and copy requirements within the education sector throughout New England. We believe in valuable partnerships and working hard to determine innovative solutions to help our customers be better equipped at managing their printing needs.

We welcome any opportunity to help you with any printing services you need. Contact us for more information and we invite you to add us to your next RFP or if you would like to discuss your MPS needs.


Phone (Toll Free): 800.321.6327



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