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Starting Office Equipment Back Up Again: What You Need to Know

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Starting Office Equipment Back Up Again: What You Need to Know

June 26, 2020  |  NECS

If you’ve been away from the office for weeks or even months, there are a few things you can expect upon your return. First, the copier has been asleep or off for the majority of the time. Second, it may not work as expected when powered on again.

Here’s what you need to know.

Sleep vs. Auto-Off Mode

Sleep mode puts the copier in a low-power state whereas auto-off mode shuts it down entirely. After approximately two hours of inactivity, your machine will do one or the other based on chosen or default settings.


When a copier is in sleep mode, it may still “turn on” from time to time to calibrate, but it will return to sleep mode if no print jobs are received. If your machine is in auto-off, it will complete a calibration when powered on again. This is an essential step, so let it complete its process before you or your employees attempt to print.


No matter what state your printer is in upon your return, you may encounter technical difficulties. Here are our tips for getting things up and running again:

  • RestartDisconnect the copier from its power source and wait at least one minute before reconnecting it.
  • Update firmwareThis will typically require you to do a restart as well so make sure you go in early or allot yourself this time.
  • Plug the copier(s) directly into an outletPower strips and surge protectors can prevent the machine from getting enough power to perform as intended.
  • Minimize connected devicesThese can pull power away from the printer and cause it to turn off unexpectedly.
  • ServiceIf the reliability or quality of your copier has diminished, you probably need a service technician to resolve the issue. We can help with that!


We hope you've found our tips helpful and if there’s anything we can do to support your workplace, please contact us today.



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