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How to Cut Down on High-Traffic Office Areas

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How to Cut Down on High-Traffic Office Areas

July 17, 2020  |  NECS

Is your inbox flooded with “back to normal” emails? We all want to be in a place of normalcy again, but it has to start with a transition. The way we work has been shifted, and it would be inaccurate to say things are normal again. Instead, support your internal teams by helping them adapt to a next normal that allows them to work comfortably and safely.

What does your next normal look like?

Woman in protective gloves wiping dust using a spray and a duster while cleaning officeThe first step is regular cleaning of shared equipment. If you need help on how to do so without incurring damages, you can read our previous blog. Here, we outline what disinfectants are acceptable and offer a recommended cleaning process to follow. 


Next, consider ways you can cut down on high-traffic areas, like the office copier. HP’s Roam allows users to submit print jobs to a queue rather than to a specific device. This means they can choose a copier that isn’t currently in use to remain socially distant as recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO)

Here’s how it works.

1. Print to Personal Queue 

The user submits their print job from the device of their choice, and it is uploaded to their personal queue in the HP Roam Cloud.

2. Automatically Discover Printers

When the user’s device is close to an HP-enabled printer, they receive a notification that the job can be released from the queue. 

3. Authenticate and Secure Release

Once at their desired copier, the user can then use their mobile device to authenticate and release the job(s) for printing with little to no contact with the machine.

These are just a few ways you can adapt your business, but it's different for every company. If you’d like more information on HP Roam or any of our other business and software solutions that could define your next normal, contact an NECS specialist today.



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