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Why You Need to Standardize Your WFH Environment

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Why You Need to Standardize Your WFH Environment

February 01, 2021  |  NECS

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How did your company react when the pandemic first started and many of us were called to pack up our offices and tell our employees to work from home? If you’re like most, you did whatever you could to make it work and keep business operations running as smoothly as possible. You got employees online and connected at home. Perhaps you even ordered some miscellaneous items to help them get by (some monitors, headsets, printers, etc.). Now, almost two years later, it is pretty clear that this isn’t going away anytime soon. What’s more, day-to-day business won’t go back to “normal”. 

Many companies are preparing to adopt a new hybrid model, while others are considering keeping their team at home full-time going forward. Whichever category you fit into, the quick setup job you scrambled to put together for your at-home employees needs to be re-evaluated. Our guess is that the current setups are not as secure or as financially responsible as they need to be.

If you, like most, are considering a hybrid workplace environment when your company enters the “new normal” economy, the following items need to become a critical part of your plan.

Overall Process/Steps to Save You Time & Money:

  1. Standardize all work from home equipment
  2. Install the appropriate software to help you track and monitor the activity on all work from home equipment*
  3. Establish an automated program for delivery of supplies (in real-time) for all work from home equipment
  4. Once you establish your WFH/in-house percentages, re-evaluate your current in-house equipment so you can right size your print/copy environment
  5. Create a service model that is better suited to your WFH equipment*

*Please note: NECS will provide remote support for both the tracking and monitoring of work from home equipment as well as remote, help desk service packages

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We can also work with you to go through the above process and begin implementing the action items. 

In Summary, You Need to Reevaluate Your WFH Setups. Here's Why. 

Your team's environments need to be secure. NECS is an HP partner and we can help ensure that you have control over the usage of these devices.

We can also help you better control costs. How? Through the standardization of your devices. With this, you will also have access to easier support and training.

Finally, device uniformity is also something that goes hand in hand with standardization—and it will make your life much simpler (for example, easier troubleshooting, less IT time needed, users will require less training and run into fewer issues, ordering supplies/parts becomes a much easier task...etc.) 

    Contact NECS for a detailed conversation about how to develop a hybrid/standardized plan for your company. 




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