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Automating Paper-Based College Admin Processes

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Automating Paper-Based College Admin Processes

January 17, 2020  |  NECS

There are institutions today that still rely heavily on paper-based administrative processes, and higher education is one of them. Everything from admissions forms, financial aid information, individual education plans (IEPs), student records, and more, are on paper. If not millions, these files account for hundreds of thousands of printed documents at almost every college that are not easily processed, accessed, or shared.

This is a costly problem, especially for your admissions department because many prospective students mail in or drop off a printed application. The turnaround time to process their submission can be weeks. The time and budget spent here is not necessary. In addition, there are extra costs associated with distributing the paper application for review. Making additional copies requires paper, toner, and something to hold it together. Multiply that by the number of applicants every fall and winter and it adds up.

If this process was automated, turnaround time could go from weeks to days, and those extra distribution costs would be non-existent.

Ineffective document management results in painfully slow admin that eats up the budget and weakens your school’s ability to serve students, faculty, and staff. They deserve better. Better is end-to-end process automation through a document management solution like HP Capture and Route. It's the college administrator’s dream tool and it works in four simple steps:

  1. Printed document is scanned with an HP workflow-enabled MFP.
  2. Electronic version is indexed, categorized, and automatically linked to existing record in the SIS/ERP/IEP app. If no record exists, the user is prompted to create one.
  3. If needed, the document is then automatically routed to the appropriate individuals for review and authorization.
  4. Now, the document is immediately available to authorized users and departments.

Interested in learning more about HP Capture and Route for your institution? Contact an NECS specialist today.



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