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Why Secure Print Release is a 2020 Business Essential | New England Copy Specialists Skip to main content
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Why Secure Print Release is a 2020 Business Essential

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Why Secure Print Release is a 2020 Business Essential

January 06, 2020  |  NECS

On any given day at the office, confidential information is thoughtlessly released concerning your business, your clients, and your employees. Competitive data, records and invoices, accounting details, and more, are left uncollected at print stations—especially in larger organizations where jobs are easily sent to the wrong device.

Your security as a business is dependent on your ability (or lack thereof) to authenticate each and every print job at the office, because a job that starts printing as soon as it’s released is a problem.

Here’s why.

Scenario: an employee has the print window open on their computer screen about to send a quarterly report.

They need to select a device—was it HP E77660zs or E77650dns? Most will simply give it the old college try. It doesn’t work. So, they try again, but, because they have no idea whether or not it worked the first time, or if it did, where it went, they don’t collect the failed attempt. The next person will just throw it away… right?

Let’s follow the second copy. When your employee clicked “Print” again, the job was released to the correct device. They sit close enough to hear it working so they decide to continue responding to emails until it’s finished. After all, it’s a big report and it will take a few minutes. A half-hour goes by. They suddenly remember they need to go pick it up! It’s not there. Someone must have thrown it away. So, they quickly print it again and this time, they wait for it.

There are now two reports unaccounted for floating around, but unless you’re the employee who printed them, how would you know? You wouldn’t. This is why secure print release is essential in 2020.  

A solution like PaperCut makes the above scenario impossible. Jobs are sent to a single global queue, so your employees never have to remember device names again. For added security, documents are not produced until the user is physically there to collect, and their access to the information is validated with a login or key card.

To ensure business security in the new year, you need to track and centrally manage all office print activity with a solution like PaperCut. Secure print release is just the beginning—contact an NECS specialist today to learn more.



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