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Finally! Print Management is in the Cloud.

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Finally! Print Management is in the Cloud.

May 20, 2021  |  NECS

Do any of the following problems sound familiar to you? Our guess is yes...

  • Difficulty giving your guests and visitors the ability to print
  • Lack of visibility into who is printing—and what they are printing
  • Unsure of where your costs are coming from/how to reduce them
  • Uncollected print jobs (probably many of these...)
  • Staff immediately recycling their print jobs...
  • Print issues taking time away from important IT tasks
  • Missing documents or sensitive information getting into the wrong hands
  • Issues getting your team set up to print from their mobile devices

Somehow with all of the new capabilities from technology advancements, printing got confusing—for users and for IT! Thankfully, PaperCut Hive has made it easy (and convenient) again. Here’s how.

1. With this solution, printing is more convenient—for everyone. 

You can print from any device.

In just a matter of seconds, you can print from any device to any printer in your fleet.

Copy/scan tracking is available.

With this feature, you can track any printing, copying, and scanning, which will give you full visibility into who is printing what and when. This will help build accountability and is sure to reduce the number of uncollected print jobs (which is costing you money, by the way). 

Print release is convenient.

Using the Find-Me feature, your team can set up a universal queue (which all print jobs will go to). Then, they can simply walk up to any printer when they are ready to release their prints. PaperCut Hive is installed on the printer—which connects it to the cloud and enables intuitive and responsive print release.

Users and guests can easily print from your devices.

Your employees and visitors can use their email addresses to print. 

Already have a directory though? No problem! You can sync your directory with cloud sources like G Suite and Office 365.

2. Increased Security.

With PaperCut Hive, you can be sure that your private documents remain on-site. 


With this feature, you are able to see specific information about the print job that will help you determine who sent it, and when. 

Secure release.

Your team can securely collect their prints using a phone, ID card, or the printer’s panel. With self-healing Edge Mesh and IoT technology, your documents will stay on your local network —eliminating any chance of a data breach. 

What is Edge Mesh? Edge Mesh is the combined power of all of your computers working to do the job of a traditional print server. If one computer fails, printing will still function for you and your team. No harm no foul. 

Image showcasing secure print release with PaperCut Hive

Access control.

You can choose when and where your team and visitors use your devices.

3. Reduce Your Footprint (and Your Bills).

Save on ink and toner, reduce paper waste and shift your company towards a more environmentally friendly mindset. It’s not hard with PaperCut Hive!

No more uncollected print jobs. 

If you enable the secure print release feature, you will have peace of mind in knowing that there will no longer be uncollected documents in your output trays. You also have the ability to track users and their prints, which can help you work as a team to discover opportunities to reduce waste. 

Turn on the “safety net”.

You can happily say goodbye to duplicate prints and to printing way too many copies. Did you accidentally click 99 instead of 9? No problem! You can turn on the safety net feature to catch common printing mistakes (which, believe it or not, can end up costing you a lot of money!). 

Set reminders!

You can set up friendly reminders for your team, recommending that they print 2-sided or greyscale instead of full color and one-sided. 

Print management is finally available in the cloud—so why not take this opportunity to secure a flexible printing solution that will work for your whole team? We can help! Contact us today.


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