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The Best Way to Buy Technology Products for Your Office

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The Best Way to Buy Technology Products for Your Office

June 03, 2019  |  NECS

Admit it, you’ve been in a debate with your co-workers over the cost of technology products for the office. You spent valuable time deciding whether or not to opt for the cheaper option, and you eventually arrived at a decision after a somewhat lengthy consideration of the pros and cons. Congratulations! You just saved a few dollars on the product, but did you assign a value to the time it took the team to make that “right” decision?

There’s a better way to purchase technology products for your office.

Here’s what you need to do to actually save…

First, don’t “buy” anything.

Technology products are now widely available as part of a monthly service agreement. You can avoid upfront costs and expensive investments that will depreciate by opting in for the products you need rather than buying them outright. The added benefit of service on top of these products only further sweetens the deal.

Second, predetermine your bundles.

Technology products should be regulated by your IT and senior leadership teams, not the whim of your employees. Understanding needs is key, and NECS can tailor custom technology bundles for your unique business. Save time and money by standardizing across the board–don’t find yourself in the above debate again.

Third, find your specialist.

Sure, you can shop competitive pricing online, but here are the questions you should ask yourself before doing so: Have you been advised on which products are best for your employees? Can you trust the provider to deliver on the promises of the product(s)? What happens when your product(s) need service?

With endless options and price ranges online, rely on guidance from a trusted partner like NECS to match you with the right products for your office. Our specialists will conduct an audit of your existing technology and make recommendations on how you can save moving forward. 

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