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Top 5 Signs You Need New Office Printers

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Top 5 Signs You Need New Office Printers

June 17, 2019  |  NECS

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” It’s a common phrase but when it comes to office technology, it can be an expensive and dangerous approach. So how do you decide it’s time to replace office technology like an office printer? Here are five signs to watch for in your office printers.


1. Reliability:
If your employees have found themselves conducting a Google search to resolve a technical issue, there’s already a problem. Just try the keywords “printer keeps…” to get an idea: “jamming,” “saying out of paper,” “printing blank pages,” and “going offline,” to name a few. Sure, service providers can step in when these issues arise, but as a general rule, never repair a machine that’s over five years old—it becomes an inefficient cost to your business.

2. Cost: 
Even the price of a “maintenance kit” may be as much as a new printer. The amount of service your device will require will continuously increase every year. This is likely to include additional parts on top of your service costs, which can actually be more expensive than new technology purchased from the right dealer. If you’re hesitant about an upfront cost, consider financing technology bundles for your office with NECS.

3. Security: 
Document security is important to all businesses, and out of date equipment can leave you vulnerable. Your device’s software may no longer be supported with security updates after 6-7 years by the OEM manufacturer. Attackers often target older technology to penetrate a network.

4. Performance: If you’re taking the time to print something, chances are it’s important, and therefore so is the quality of output. Due to the decrease in both print volume and the price of color supplies, the cost per page (CPP) is significantly lower than its historically been. Businesses no longer need to worry about the cost of color printing, and CPP is no longer the factor that decides the quality of your documents.

5. Environment: Consider the implications of a Laser toner vs. an ink cartridge. Ink cartridges are often one quarter the size, substantially reducing the amount of plastic waste. Ink cartridges are also more efficient because unlike toner, they don’t require constant heating. If the cartridge in your current device is the size of a 1970s lunch box, it’s probably time to update your technology.


If your office printers are guilty of all or some of the above, contact an NECS specialist today.




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