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Why Choose A Canon MFP

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Why Choose A Canon MFP

November 29, 2022  |  NECS

Bring some magic into your office when you choose a Canon MFP! It’s approaching that time of year when the world feels a little more magical. Winter is here, and with it the chance to upgrade your technology. If you’ve been considering updating your MFP, then you should know that Canon has some of the best MFPs on the market and are trusted by many companies.  

Canon MFPs offer outstanding reliabilitydurability, and efficiency. They can work in any space, from a small home office to your corporate building. And their prints are crisp, with dynamic colors perfect for your internal handouts or your marketing materials. How magical is that!

If you’re looking for a new MFP for your team this holiday season, here’s what makes Canon an excellent choice. 

Spread Office Cheer with a Reliable Printer 

One of the most important features any office technology should have is reliability. You and your team need office equipment that will stand the test of time. It’s not economical for leaders to make yearly upgrades to their technology, and it can be frustrating if your printers are constantly jamming or failing. It can be especially difficult for your team if you’re on a time-crunch, needing to get documents printed quickly, and your printer keeps popping up with error messages all the time.

That’s why you should consider buying a Canon! 

Printer misfeed

Their MFPs have become synonymous with the word “reliability.” Each device undergoes rigorous testing and there are minimal to no misfeeds. Keypoint Intelligence proved this when they ran a series of tests to determine if Canon devices were reliable or not. They found that following more than one million impressions, there wasn’t a single misfeed (Canon). What was more, during a five-year term of testing Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE DX series MFPs from 2017 to 2021, there were only six misfeeds out of 4.45 million pages produced (PRNewswire).

To bring you top-quality prints, Canon has created MFPs that can manage large paper outputs. Their devices are trusted by users everywhere and can be used by teams of all sizes. You won’t have to wait on your printer, struggle through multiple misfeeds and error notifications. When you buy a Canon, you can help smooth out your printing processes. 

Canon has become so recognizably reliable that their MFPs have even received several awards!

The Bow on Top: Keypoint Intelligence Awards for Canon

Canon has won several accolades proving that their devices stand out among the rest. If you’re looking to make the switch to a Canon this holiday season, then consider these awards as proof that you’re making the right choice! 

In 2022, Keypoint Intelligence announced that Canon was the recipient of eight awards. This included the Buyers Lab (BLI) A3 Line of the Year award. Canon has won the coveted BLI award five times in the last seven years, making them a proven trusted brand. Keypoint Intelligence did their due diligence in testing Canon’s imageRUNNER ADVANCE DX devices in 2021, and found that they had “exceptional uptime and reliability” (Canon).

But Canon’s reliability wasn’t all that Keypoint Intelligence noted when giving out these awards. They also acknowledged that Canon’s MFPs offer more flexibility to companies. There has been a push to optimize digital workflows for teams, allowing for more collaboration between hybrid work employees. 

These changes show that Canon is taking your team into consideration with every upgraded feature on their devices. They’re acknowledging that many organizations are making the switch to a hybrid workforce, with some in office and others working from home. What’s most important for hybrid teams is that they can still work together! Canon’s MFPs include many digital features that allow for teamwork between offices. 

Keypoint Intelligence also acknowledged Canon’s:

  • Top-tier hardware
  • Firmware
  • Fleet-management security for its devices (Canon) 

Bring some holiday cheer to the office by removing unnecessary technology stresses. Canon devices can eliminate common disturbances to your workflow. They can also improve your team’s confidence in your internal processes. Keypoint Intelligence’s awards help to showcase that!

Merrier Colors in Every Print

Speaking of holiday cheer…now is the time of year to print in color! The holidays bring many opportunities for teams to embrace new marketing angles, or even to bring a bit of fun to the office with decorations. Printing in color can help you achieve success in both these areas.

Whether it’s graphs and charts you want to feature in color, or it’s new marketing materials that you want to distribute to customers, having vivid prints is necessary. Drab colors won’t call attention to the exciting products you’re featuring. And graphs lacking clear differences in color can be difficult for your team to review.  

Person looking at colorful printed picture

Canon is known not only for their reliability, but also for the incredibly vivid prints. Canon is a leader not only in the print industry, but also in the photography industry. Their cameras can capture images in detailed, high-quality color. Such attention to detail is shared with their print technology. Since Canon understands how important brightly colored pictures can be, their printers are equipped with technology meant to enhance the vivacity of your prints.

Every document or image that you print will have a more diverse array of colors, clearly defining each detail. With the right technology to deliver such images, even Canon’s monochrome prints are dynamic. Enhanced imaging technology analyzes every portion of your print to determine the best gradient to use. With the right papers and optimal ink mixture, Canon’s print technology will deliver top-quality prints every time.

The Gift of a New Printer!

If your team is ready to make the change to a Canon MFP this holiday season, NECS can help. Our dedicated team of print experts can match you to the best device for your team. We understand that every company is different, and we want to make sure that whatever Canon MFP you choose is right for your needs.

Not sure where to start? Take a look at our recommended Canon MFPs below.

Our Recommended Canon MFPs:

Canon imageRUNNER Dx C3830i MFP

Color imageRUNNER ADVANCE Dx C3830i:

The Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE Dx C3830i MFP can help to simplify your user-experience. With its reliable print speeds and features, the Dx C3830i is optimized to bring your team better prints. As the recipient of two BLI awards, the Dx C3830i has proven that it can support teams through every step of their printing processes. Get a reliable MFP when you choose Canon! 

Canon imageRUNNER Dx C5850i

Color imageRUNNER ADVANCE Dx C5850i:

The Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE Dx C5850i MFP can transform your organization's printing with its optimized digital workflow. With this device, you can streamline your business processes with automation features such as AI and Machine Learning. Your team will also benefit from the trusted reliability that Canon MFPs are known for. The Dx C5850i is part of the same MFP line that is BLI award winning. Get the support you need from devices you can trust with Canon! 


Let’s make this holiday season a truly spectacular one for your team! Contact us today to get your team the gift of a new Canon printer.




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