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Why There has Never Been a Better Time to Print in Color

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Why There has Never Been a Better Time to Print in Color

September 09, 2019  |  NECS

Let’s look at one of the most iconic logos of all time, Coca-Cola. See the vibrant, candy apple red? Now, see it in grayscale—it’s not nearly as impactful. Why? It’s because color matters.

Color gives meaning. We use it in graphics and charts to help our eyes digest pieces of information that would otherwise be lost or confusing in black and white. On top of that, it looks good! We’re drawn to color, but it’s always been more expensive to print.

Today, there’s never been a better time to print in color. Here’s why.

Like many businesses, you’re printing far less than you did in the past, and while you may have previously restricted employees’ ability to print color as a way of managing costs, that’s no longer necessary. The average rate of pages printed in an office continues to decline; this, coupled with the decrease in cost per color page thanks to advances in imaging technology, means it’s never been more cost effective to print in color (typically less than 5 cents per page!).  

Some items you print may not require any color outside of your logo and some additional branding. With the right device, these documents are extremely comparable to the cost of B&W, but with much greater impact. Think about your customer-facing documents. Are they worth the few extra cents per page?

A study found that 43% of respondents are more likely to pay their bill on time if the due date is highlighted in color (Xerox).

So, your answer should be yes, it’s worth it to print in color, even on invoices!

Now think about your marketing and promotional materials. We can all agree that these should be color, but there’s actually more to it than just looking good. That same Xerox study found that 76% of respondents think they can find information faster if it’s printed in color. Your brand and key selling points are important. Don’t let them get lost in B&W.

Contact an NECS expert today to learn how affordable color printing could be for your office.



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