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Why you Need An HP Printer for Your Home Office

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Why you Need An HP Printer for Your Home Office

April 28, 2022  |  NECS

Home office spaces should be comfortable and help boost your productivity. It’s easy to find that a cluttered space leaves you feeling stressed as you try to complete tasks. While you can decorate with nice things to liven up the space, or be surrounded with comfortable blankets and pillows, the one area that never seems to get better is electronic setup. Cords are tangled everywhere, machines take up tons of space, and there’s the constant struggle of picking the right technology. It can all become overwhelming, fast.

One of the key pieces of technology that you’ll need in your home office is a printer. With bad reputations for being cumbersome and not so easy to use, printer shopping can seem daunting. You might be compelled to put it off, a “Friday problem for Monday” situation, but in the end buying a printer for your home office is a necessity that will free up more of your time and help you stay on top of your tasks.


Home Offices: The Reality of Working from Home

While in the past home offices only seemed to exist for a select lucky few, the rise in popularity of hybrid-working has created new demand for them. Home offices are spaces that don’t have a prescribed layout, but rather they’re intended to suit each individual uniquely. Some people prefer to work in a quiet space with lots of lighting, others like to work from their kitchen counter. There really isn’t one exact way to organize a home office, but there are some facts that are universal.

The biggest truth about home offices is that you need to have the right equipment for your job. It’s important to think of technology not only as a necessary tool, but as a sort of co-worker. You can pour your heart and soul into your job, but if you have technology that’s outdated and unable to handle your work output then you’ll hit a productivity wall.

Person at desk printing in their home office

Just as the ergonomic set up for your desk and chair are important, so too are the purchases you make for your home office’s machines. If you’re a leader in your company, then it’s important to better understand how technology transforms office spaces not only for you but also for your employees.

We all know that our computers are one of the most essential pieces for work. From emails, connecting with co-workers, to completing our assigned tasks, the computer you work on is at the heart of every part of your day. All pieces of technology that you have need to connect with and work in harmony with your computer.

To keep the flow of your work progressing smoothly, choosing the optimal printer is key. It must connect with the centre of your office, the computer, while also fitting in nicely without bulking up the space. While a computer is a given, printers are often the overlooked and undervalued team player of your home office. But they are by no means unessential.


Why Print at Home Offices?

We’re all familiar with the heavy-duty printers that are equipped to handle the paper output in-office. These machines are always ready to serve the influx of our organization’s needs. As we’re beginning to rethink how we work, opting for the hybrid model, these large printers are still necessary for daily tasks in the office. But we then convince ourselves that we don’t need, nor can we handle, a printer at our home office. That simply isn’t true.

Printing is still just as relevant for getting our work done in a home office. We print for projects, record keeping, management of tasks, and on occasion for faxing. Putting aside all your printing needs until you can get back to the office can bog down your day and halt the momentum of your work.

Beyond completion of assigned tasks, having a printer around is also good for staying focused and organizing your day. A great way to meet your goals is to lay them out and keep tabs of what needs to get done next. Another way people like to do this is by having pinboards above their desk where they can keep printed checklists, projects, and better visualize their tasks.

Printers don’t need to be cumbersome machines either, despite how it might seem based on our experiences in the office. Printers at home don’t occupy as much space. They can be tucked neatly away on a shelf, desk, or even in another room.


To keep from falling behind or missing deadlines, opt instead to purchase a printer for your home office.


Best Printers for Your Home Office

We at NECS have taken our knowledge of the print industry and applied it to the new hybrid working model. Our desire is to help customers find the right solutions for their home offices. With previously showcased blogs about the need to think about secure print solutions while working from home, as well as what some of the most secure print options are, we believe that we’ve found the best products to recommend to customers are HP printers.

Renowned for their security and being an all-around reliable company, HP products make for excellent home office solutions. HP printers offer users several options for their home office spaces, including all in one printers that save time and money for those adapting to the hybrid work model.


Featured Product:

HP E40040 Printer

One of the best printers for a home office is the HP LaserJet Pro E40040. This printer comes with a suite of security features that will keep both customer data and your private data safe. With a sleek design and compact size, the HP E40040 can fit comfortably in any office. It gives users excellent print output without wasting any of the valuable space in your home office.



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